Thomann - Year in Review 2019

16-Bit Game (Germany)

When Thomann asked us if we could create an 16-Bit arcade game style video for their recap of 2019 we were like "hell yeah, we’re in!"

As a loving homage to our favorite 90s video games we put together a Super Nintendo style side scroller with 5 different levels, each showcasing an 8-Bit version of the physical Thomann locations like their flagship music store, the "t-kitchen" or the Thomann warehouse.

We developed a set of 13 unique characters including a fire spiting naked dude, a chicken and the Thomann-heroine who takes us on a journey through each level, using her superpowers to execute numerous fun challenges.

As an added bonus we hid 4 pop cultural Easter-eggs throughout the video. Can you spot them all?




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