Porsche Motorsport
Copic Style Image Film

Porsche Motorsport asked us to create an image film for their new racecar. In doing so we laid out the motivations, the underpinning philosophy, that drives the Porsche Motorsport Team’s continued pursuit of innovation and excellence. As engineers and technological visionaries they are tasked with building and implementing today’s racing tech, which will become the future standard for tomorrow’s sports cars. Our collaboration resulted in a visual style that puts the viewer in the driver’s seat. Animated entirely in 3D, we used custom shaders to create a drawing board look and give the film a unique visual signature.



relative.berlin: Art Direction | Animation | Compositing
Collaborators: Nino Matthey (Animation) | Mario Campos (Animation) | Julio Clavijo (Animation) | Daniel Matz (Sound)
Partner: Simpleshow | Kemper

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Naunynstraße 38
10 999 Berlin
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