Neato Robotics
Virtual Reality Experience

Neato Robotics brought us an idea straight out of an animated film called "Dust Bunnies"! They wanted a product presentation for the IFA 2022 that's not just informative, but also fully immersive and captivating enough for a VR-experience, all for their new vacuum cleaner, the neato U20+.

So, we put on our creative helmets and whipped up a virtual environment that showcases their product’s advanced features from the point of view of a stalking cat, while keeping your stomach settled, of course 🦾





Our role: Art Direction | Creative Direction | Virtual Reality Production | 2D & 3D Animation | Compositing

Collaborators: Maxim Kloster | Karim El Fatatry | Christian Gasteiger

Client: Neato Robotics Europe GmbH
+49 (0) 30 22 46 51 71
Naunynstraße 38
10 999 Berlin
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