Leave The World Behind
Netflix Campaign

The campaign for this dystopic disaster movie featuring Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali highlights the fragility of our technology-dependent society, pushing the boundaries of normalcy.

Reflecting the film's theme, the campaign's assets—designed to create a sense of confusion and unease—nearly didn't reach the public. They were deemed a bit too scary and distracting for TV and street advertisements - oopsiii ︎.

In a bold move, the trailer was simultaneously aired across multiple TV channels, integrating a 30-second glitch sequence filled with disturbing sounds intended to disorient viewers. The idea was to force viewers to switch channels, only to be met with the same disconcerting sequence on other channels.




Our role: Art Direction | 2D Animation | CGI | Compositing
Collaborators: Lukas Hertlein (Art Direction) & Sommerfeld Studio
Partner: MOTOR Kommunikation GmbH
Client: Netflix Deutschland

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