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Einfach Himmlisch AR
Augmented Reality Life Event (Germany)

Einfach Himmlisch (simply devine) is our first commercial augmented reality project. To realize real-time 3D animation and provide the production pipeline necessary, we created Studio One - a joint venture of d.solve gmbh and relative.berlin, specialising in Notch real-time content and interactive tools.

Commissioned by the Archdiocese of Cologne, Einfach Himmlisch is a weeklong Christian Music festival. Taking place at the Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany, the show’s finale would feature 16,000 musicians performing to a live-stream audience.

Director Chris Cuhls wanted to create a modern and accessible Christian Music festival. His vision was to programm a live event that could also excite an online and broadcast audience. To achieve that we created Augumented Reality Animations that would act as a visual extension of the show. With a limited production time we were able to produce beautiful and fitting visuals that brought the festival to life for viewers at home.

This project got featured on the Notch VFX webpage


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