Echo Berlin
Passion Project

To explore new ideas and techniques, we initiated a passion project titled Echo Berlin, aimed to showcase a versatile speaker through a short product video with a strong emphasis on visual storytelling. Utilizing innovative tools like Plasticity and the then-new cloth system in Cinema 4D allowed us to experiment with our pipeline.

Setting up larger passion projects is crucial for us; it not only tests our pipelines but also gives younger talent the opportunity to take on different roles, underlining the importance of dedicating resources to develop these comprehensive projects.

This passion project in particular also represents a significant milestone for us, as we had the pleasure of being invited by Maxon to showcase it and detail our production pipeline at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam. Thank you again, Maxon!

Curious? Have a look at our nervous faces by clicking here.




Our role: Creative Direction | Art Direction | 3D Animation | 3D Modelling | CGI | Compositing
Collaborators: Daniel Matz
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Naunynstraße 38
10 999 Berlin
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