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BMW, Nagami.Design & Highsnobiety
3D Printing - The future of Luxury

3D printing is changing entire industries. Objects that had to be mass-produced in the past now allow for unique forms and structures. New technologies are making the 3D printing processes faster, more reliable and cost-effective. Soon also, the automobile industry will have more and more ways to use this technology.

To tap into this future Nagami.design a 3D Printing specialist teamed up with BMW and dipped their 3D printed ‘Nital’ Vase and ‘Peeler’ Chair into BMW (M Series) unique Salève Vert paint.

To showcase this process for Highsnobiety, we created an abstract film featuring Nagami´s luxury objects and marching them with BMW´s paint. 

If you want to know more, please read this article on Highsnobiety

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