Festival Trailer 2013

The fine folk at The Playground London approached us to direct a Trailer for The Playground Festival. A first of its kind avant-garde electronic music festival in the British capital. In typical Berlin winter weather, we set out to shoot. The ice and rain caused a few challenges on shoot day, but we are pleased with the eerie mood it resulted in. In this abstract film, fragments of statues travel through the metropolis like sound waves, visualizing the urban temperament of electronic music. The film hints at the feeling of carrying music around with you as you commute through the city.



CREDITS Art Direction | Compositing | 3D Animation
Collaborators: Irrum Kahn (Compositing, Camera) | Simon Reichenbach (3D Animation) | Steven Klöbzig (3D Tracking) | Steven Klöbzig (Camera)

Client: Playground Festival
+49 (0) 30 22 46 51 71
Naunynstraße 38
10 999 Berlin
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