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BMW, Nagami.Design & Highsnobiety 

Revolutionary luxury

We had the chance to create 3D animated v isual content for this collaboration between BMW & Nagami.Design & Highsnobiety! Link . 3D scans we did.
-    12 x Foto Stills (portrait and square formats, online quality) - screen grabs 6 are from the still lives (3x wide shot, 3x detail/close-up) and 6 are from the 20-sec. film (3x wide shot, 3x detail/close-up)
-    6 x Animated Gifs (2 sec. loops, portrait and square, online quality) - 3 are from the still-lives (animated total shots), and 3 are excerpts from the 20-sec. film
-    1x 20-second Movie (landscape, portrait & square format, Full HD) - animated dark room/factory hall, neon light set design, nagami objects floating in the air turning 360 in the center with paint over them. Landscape format but visually composed for square too.
Featuring surfaces of 3D Objects: Peeler designed by Daniel Widrig & Nital designed by Manuel Jimenez  for Nagami. The grooves and light reflections.

foto stills & gifs


Art Director CGI
3D Animations
Still Life
Timo Ott
Sound Design 
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